AMB Sports Quick Release Adjustable Mountain Bike Cycling Luggage Cargo Rack Seat Carrier

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  • Rear bike rack with side structures to securely hold side bags
  • The rack itself easily installs via a quick locking system onto seatposts with a diameter of 25.4mm to 31.8mm
  • Includes built-in hooks on its underside for bungee cords or luggage tensioners.
  • The side rails attach to the main rack
  • The side rails are height-adjustable, and can be adapted to most wheel sizes from 22" to 29"  
  • The entire set-up is sturdy and stable when installed
  • The rack is also child seat compatible, and can carry a maximum total load of 30kg.
  • The rear end includes a built-in fixture for a clip-on light reflector, but can be used for mounting a rear safety light as well.
  • Made of lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum
  • Highly resistant to corrosion, and will last a long time with minimal maintenance.
  • Packaging size 60cm x 36cm x 64cm
  • Load capacity is 30kg
  • Fits bikes between 22" - 29"