Reusch Football Goalkeeper Soccer Ball Goalie Gloves

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  • Reusch’s ‘Pro Flex’ design to make the goalkeeper gloves more naturally flexible. Reusch combine layers in the material of the backhand in a specially designed way to allow the gloves to flex particularly well.
  • This is one of those great details that Reusch incorporate into their top level pro gloves, increasing the comfort of wearing the gloves.
  • It also contributes to your performance by giving a more natural and instinctive feel of the gloves on the hands.
  • The Reusch ‘Air Vent System’ uses a light mesh fabric around the upper hand of the goalkeeper gloves – the fingers and the edge of the hands – that allows air to flow through the gloves and keeps the gloves fresh.
  • Ergonomic Support System ESS™ to support a natural catching position.
  • The latex that is slightly pulled up on the little finger side provides a larger catching area and a tighter optimized fit.
  • A special lycra insert embedded in the zone between thumb and palm ensures best flexibility and prevents cuts on the latex.
  • Packaging Dimension 90cm x 20cm x 30cm
*See sizing chart for fit