RDX A3 British Boxing Board of Control Approved Professional Fight Boxing Gloves

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  • RDX’s line of hand-stitched BBBoC (British Boxing Board of Control )approved Pro Competition Boxing Gloves are padded using horse hair 
  • The Apex RDX Series of boxing gloves are COMPETITION standard and superior in comfort and for professional boxing
  • Authentic Cowhide leather is hand stitched over horsehair backed by EVA and foam padding using 3ply nylon thread.
  • Satin inner lining provides a pleasant a cool feel inside the glove while you’re raging outside it.
  • Silver laminated cowhide leather attached thumb is filled with EVA and foam padding.
  • EVA sheet padding cushions the wrists for added protection while a mix of EVA + foam padding in the cuff provides overall protection.
  • Polyester laces enable a comfy and snug fit while supporting the wrists allowing proper force distribution and punching technique.