Pro Rubber Home Gym Mats Heavy Duty EDPM Tiles 50cm X 50cm with 15mm 20mm 25mm Thickness

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No messing around hard wearing, heavy professional gym mats.
Excellent shock absorption, it is far more durable than standard gym tiles sold due to its thickness
Most gyms mat flooring are made from vulcanised granules bonded together with adhesives that will wear away over time.
Our mats are fire retardant, UV resistant and is unbelievably hard wearing as it is a one piece extrusion that will not break apart easily.
  • Greater absorption to protect your equipment
  • Non slip surface that is easier to clean than granule tiles
  • Can last up to 5 times longer than granule tiles
  • Provides sound proofing (especially for HDB flats)
  • Inside and outside applications
  • No odour and non toxic
Over 15 tiles please enquire as to transportation rates