Adjustable Ankle Leg Calf Arm Weights for Leg Strengthening Exercises

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  • Soft and comfortable adjustable up to 2.5kg on each leg to put on around your lower legs (shins & calves)
  • Easy to adjust the tightness of the weights on your legs and able to adjust how much weight you want to use
  • High quality fabric, ideal for endurance training, running, exercising, hiking and all kind of cardio exercises
  • Package include: 2 x shin wraps & metal weight sticks up to 5kg in total
  • Each wrap has weight slots for the metal weight sticks
  • Can be used for running jogging and all kinds of workout for the hands and legs
  • *Shin weights are worn and trusted by professional athletes to RUN FASTER, JUMP HIGHER and BE QUICKER.
  • Strategic weight placement allows the athlete to add resistance to the legs while running, jumping and/or agility training, thereby strengthening the appropriate muscle groups
  • Sold as a pair