AMB Sports Pop-up Portable Foldable Hurdle ladder - 6 rungs 2.2m

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6 foldable rungs which converts from an upright to flat position
Distance between rungs: 40 cm
Each rung is about 66 cm wide (in flat state)
The rungs can be quickly and easily opened as hurdles and then have a height of about 10 cm and a width of about 50 cm (when upright)
The ladder is made from a hard but flexible plastic PVC compound and comes with a carrying bag.

Product features:

6 folding rungs
Dimensions coordination ladder: approx. 221 x 66 x 1 cm
Dimensions of hurdles: approx. 221 x 50 x 10 cm
quickly foldable
quick assembly and dismantling
very flexible and stable
Colour: Black-gold
incl. carrying bag
Suitable for hard court, lawn or indoor courts