AMB Sports Squat Rack Bench Press Weight Lifting Stand Pair

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  • Designed to offer stability, strength, and versatility
  • Adjustable uprights and safety spotters
  • Multiple heights and comfort levels
  • Constructed with extra-wide feet 
  • Top-quality steel which is welded in an upright position for maximum strength and stability. 
  • Height is completely customisable with numerous levels 
  • Variable hole spacing along the entire upright allows for quick and easy height adjustments for both squatting and bench press.
  • High-grade heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Height adjustments for bar holders
  • Adjustable uprights and adjustable safety spotters
  • Customisable incremental Safety catch and a barbell catch for a safe workout
  • Quick-change design for more effective weight swapping
  • Adjustable weight rack 
  • Load capacity 300kg
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x (103-168) cm