Bike Cycle Sock Indoor/Outdoor Storage Bag Wheel Cover Anti-dust Washable Elastic Scratch-Proof Bicycle Protective Cover

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  • Protect your bike and your property with these easy to fit cycle socks
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Comes in various colours and designs
  • Stops your bike being scratched or damaged
  • Protects your property walls & floor from dirt, mud & marks
  • Compatible with Most Kinds of Bikes
  • Made of high quality polyester and spandex fabric, which is super elastic and can be stretched,
  • Will fit most kinds of bikes, mountain bike, road bike, crusier bike, single speed
  • The bike wheel cover can wrap up the entire bicycle tires including chains and pedals.
  • Hold the dirt inside the bike cover while keeping your space tidy and clean.
  • Prevent sand, mud, dust, tire tracks or other dirt from entering your room
  • Lightweight and portable, allows you to easily take the cover with you on bike
  • Washable, just throw it into the washing machine, and it will get renewed again.
  • The cover can hold the bike tightly to catch all dirt and multiple bikes can be stored together without worrying about scratching.
  • It can absorb water from the bike,which means that it will helps protect your bike from rust.
  • User-friendly design makes this bike cover easy to use, store and disassemble without zipper or clip stuck on bicycle parts