Blender Bottle Classic V2 - 20 / 28 / 45 oz

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  • The new and improved Classic shaker from Blender Bottles
  • Say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes!
  • Patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall wire whisk found only in BlenderBottle brand shakers, to deliver smooth protein and nutrition shakes with ease. 
Upgraded Lid:
  • The Classic shaker sports an updated lid featuring a more ergonomic carry loop 
SpoutGuard :
  • Keep dirty gym fingers off the drinking surface
  • Enhanced Mixing:
  • Forgot to add liquid first? No sweat. 
Rounded base:
  • Allows the BlenderBall whisk to mix every last bit of powder.
  • Carry Loop Integrated:
  • With the StayOpen flip cap, the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full and offers a convenient place to attach keys while at the gym.