Gilbert Synergies Viper Mouthguard for KIDS

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  • Protect the little ones with these great looking "fang" mouth guards for kids.
  • Gilbert ® Synergie Viper Mouthguard is a extra thick contoured mouthguard to absorb impacts and minimize blows to the jaw and skull
  • Specifically made for high impact sports (Rugby, MMA, boxing, football, martial arts, muay thai)
  • "Fang" Design
  • Comes in 5 colours Red, Pink , Green, Black and Blue
  • Pre-Contoured design which reduces material shrinkage
  • Provides maximum protection with upper palate support for easier breathing.
  • Extra Wall Thickness. Absorbs impact, reducing the effect of shock on the front teeth
  • Boil and bite guard, which gives fit and feel of a custom made guard.
  • Supplied with a clear plastic case
  • Instructions on moulding will be provided upon purchase