Indoor Golf Practice Putter Trainer Set Auto Ball Return Function 2.5m

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  • Environmental protection
  • Two-colour artificial grass
  • Bottom material made out of high quality plastic
  • Made of quality rubber base and simulation grass.
  • Premium simulation putting grass stays smooth and just feel like real grass. 
  • 2 size holes- 6cm and 8cm design for professional training.
  • Improving your putting game skill by practicing with a 6cm smaller size.
  • While the standard golf hole is 10.8cm this golf mat unique designed will help you develop precision accuracy.
  • The dual track turf provides a realistic putting surface consistent with a high-end golf course.
  • Space saving design by simply rolls up the turf and it will fits a closet or empty drawer conveniently.
  • High quality Golf putting Green surface designed to stay smooth.
  • Quick and easy set up means you can train anywhere.
  • With this portable putting mat, you could practice golf outdoor and indoor. 
  • Track size: about 128.4cm in length and 5.6cm in width
  • Total length of trainer: 30cm in width and 250 cm in length
  • Base size: 59cm long, 19cm high and 41cm wide
  • Anti-slip mat design


*Does not come with a Putter