Adjustable Multi-Function Squat Rack Stands Barbell Dip Station

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  • The square steel tube design ensures stability during exercise
  • Rubberised barbell holders 
  • Barbell hooks to stop slipping 
  • Non-slip dip grips
  • Triangle bracket makes the frame strong and durable, providing maximum safety and maximum load capacity of 200kg
  • The height range of the double height adjustable bracket is 128cm - 160cm
  • The width adjustable range is 59cm - 86.5cm
  • 2 positions for resting barbells 80cm and 105cm which can be used to fix the barbell during bench press exercise
  • Suitable for pressing, bench, squat, standing, dipping and other rack movements etc.
  • Non-slip, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly rubber firmly covers the inside of the squat steel tube