Sports Mouthguard for All Sports

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  • Protect your teeth and jaws when receiving hard blows.

  • These guard fits in any mouth due to its specific design

  • This mouth guard adjusts to the shape of the mouth (moulding instruction below)

  • Protects the teeth and jaws

  • Adjusts and takes on the perfect fit in the mouth

  • Also helps against teeth grinding


  • Dimensions: L: 12 cm W: 7 cm H: 2 cm

  • Weight: 23 g

  • Size: senior / adult

  • Material: synthetic

Moulding Instructions:

  • Put the mouth guard in light boiling water for 3-5 min

  • Place around the upper part of your mouth and press the guard against the jaw

  • Leave for 2-3 mins

  • Then rinse the mouth guard with cold water to set the mould