YR Kick Boxing Strike Arm Pad MMA Focus Muay Thai Punch Shield Kicking Sold as Pair

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  • Made up of premium synthetic leather 
  • Construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.
  • Secure handling of the grip bar and Velcro closure will allow  a firm grip and makes the muay thai pads feel more comfortable and helps to prevent injury. 
  • The ultra-lightweight pads are ideal for muay thai , kickboxing , taekwondo and MMA training.
  • Breathability with open handling surface. Ideal for heavy muay thai kicks and knee blows. Multi-layered foam padding to absorb heavy shocks
  • Approx. 40cm (length) x 20cm (width) x 10cm (thickness)
  • Double stitched kicking pad.
  • 2 loop and hoop bar handle for firm grip
  • Premium synthetic leather thai boxing pads.
  • Extra Foam padding for the arms to withstand toughest blows.
  • Hook & Loop with Velcro Closure kick pads.
  • Comes a pair